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Christian Education

It is the intent of Salvation Army Christian Education programs to equip students to become more like Christ. Each Christian Education program involves studying God's Word and learning how it applies to the lives of believers. Junior Soldiers, Corps Cadets, and SONdays' Cool are Salvation Army Christian Education programs held at corps (churches) in Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa. 

Explore the different tabs to learn more about each program and to find helpful articles and ideas. For more information about these programs, contact your local Salvation Army corps or Jessica Hays at for more information.

Corps Cadets is a training program for pre-teens and teens who are enrolled as Junior or Senior Soldiers at their corps. This discipleship course focuses on: providing an atmosphere for spiritual growth, opportunities for development of leadership skills, deepening knowledge of Salvation Army history, and providing evangelism training. The overall goal is to prepare young people for a lifelong commitment to spiritual growth through a relationship with Jesus Christ and to find ways to serve God through The Salvation Army.

Junior Soldiers are the youngest members of the Salvation Army. These young people between the ages of seven and thirteen are the next generation of the Salvation Army. They profess Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and agree to follow the Junior Soldier Promise. The aim of the Junior Soldier program is to make sure children involved in the Salvation Army have personally received Jesus Christ as their Savior and are discipled biblical truths, life applications and Salvation Army principles and practices. This begins the process of maturation so that they will continue on as followers of Christ and as active soldiers (members) of the Salvation Army.

SONdays' Cool is a program designed to provide an opportunity for children to come to a safe place to learn about God's love and his people. It's a place where they can meet Jesus for themselves. SONday's Cool resembles the Sunday School programming but can be held any day of the week and at any place. SONday's Cool participants learn about God's love, his people, and their place in God's family.

The mission of Salvation Army Sunday School is to provide an opportunity for age-appropriate, interactive and relevant study of the Bible; bring individuals into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ; and build interpersonal relationships that will minister and actively disciple in the community.