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Salvation Army Officers are ministers, ordained and commissioned by The Salvation Army.  Their responsibilities include the spiritual, emotional and physical care of the congregation and the communities where they serve. A Salvation Army Officer is:

  • Pastor
  • Preacher
  • Evangelist
  • Youth Leader
  • Counselor
  • Social Worker
  • Community Leader

Their work will often be among the poorest and neediest in our society. All will make a difference, some as Corps Officers Pastors and Corps Community Center Administrators and others in Salvation Army Rehabilitation Centers for recovering drug and alcohol addicts. Others will be the difference by reaching out to meet the immediate and long range needs of the children under their care. Each one will carry the message of love. Each one will be the voice of God in the place where he or she is needed. Each one will follow the highest calling.  If you feel you are called to become an officer, please look into becoming an Officer Candidate. This is the first step is becoming an officer.

A Salvation Army Officer has many roles: preacher, teacher, counselor, servant leader, advocate, and so many more. The road to becoming a Salvation Army officer may seem daunting, but there is help for this journey! If you have felt the call to officership, please contact your corps officer or Captain Jolinda Shelbourn by phone: 402-898-770 ext. 156 or email: