Programs That Help



Jim began utilizing The Salvation Army’s Community Assisted Support Services (CASS) in 2002. Before coming to CASS, Jim was living in his car. He was using drugs and suffering from violent mood swings and suicidal thoughts.

After being referred to CASS by the Transitional Residential Program, Jim began to receive the help he needed and deserved.

At CASS, he lived in his own room and began to understand the responsibilities of living independently. “I guess I wanted a place to live more than I wanted drugs,” Jim said.

Soon, Jim began participating in the Friendship Program where he made genuine friends and continued his drug recovery.

The Salvation Army helped Jim proceed with the necessary steps to receive Social Security benefits and went on to help him find his own apartment.

Today Jim has confidence and believes that without the help of the CASS program, he may still be living in his car, abusing drugs.