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Wellspring Program

Wellspring’s mission is to help men and women over the age of 19 stop the damaging effects of sexual trauma, sexual exploitation, sex trafficking, and prostitution through empowerment and peer support. The program began in 1988 with a small group of concerned Omaha community members and by 1994 it had evolved into a program of The Salvation Army. A large number of Wellspring participants refer themselves to the program. Wellspring staff also receive referrals from the judicial system, court diversion programs, other human service agencies, probation, and parole. The Wellspring program has significant community impact. The program has helped reduce social and economic costs in areas such as law enforcement, public health, recidivism, and community image.

Wellspring serves adults who are currently involved or have a history of sex trafficking, prostitution, exotic dancing, and/or survival sex. Individuals with any gender identity or sexual orientation are welcome. Clients who wish to make changes in their lives can come to the Wellspring program without fear of blame or judgment. 

The services we offer include peer support, case management, and counseling. Limited transportation services may be available for these appointments. Please see the “for clients” brochure below for a more in-depth description of our services.

Wellspring staff also work weekly in Douglas County Department of Corrections to provide support, counseling, and case management to inmates.

Please call Katie Shearman, Wellspring Therapist, at 402-898-5871 to talk about how we can help.


Download the Wellspring Program Brochure