Programs That Help


Shortly after a distraught phone call to The Salvation Army, Robert described his situation to a case worker.

This particular week, Robert had used marijuana and methamphetamines and in his eyes, he was drug free. Robert was desperately trying to hold on to his place of residence, where his deceased son had once lived, and became extremely depressed when the reality of the situation set in. The cost of the home was $500 per month but with a $300 welfare allotment and a nine-year-old daughter to care for, the payments seemed out of reach.

Robert’s drug use and depression made him feel paralyzed and unable to make decisions.

Upon arrival to The Salvation Army office, the clinical director helped him to determine priorities for his treatment. Robert’s main concern was the safety of himself and his daughter. Robert needed a drug evaluation, drug treatment, placement for his child while he was in drug treatment, rent assistance, utility assistance and support through and after the process.

Because of programs like the ARC, Robert received much needed help and is now on the road to recovery.