Programs That Help


The Salvation Army Social Services typically serves the underfunded and the underserved.  Most of the people we minister to are low income individuals or families, veterans, homeless, teen moms and the sexually exploited.

Social Services offers three basic programs:

·         Material Assistance which includes food, clothing, utilities, etc.

·         Permanent Housing for older adults, the mentally ill, substance abused and disabled.  And…

·         Restorative Services such as life skills training, behavior health education, transitional housing 
        and relational reconnection practices.


We provide these services by:

·         Complementing existing government programs,

·         Helping people develop healthier life skills,

·         Providing value-based holistic care, and …

·         By doing case management and community collaboration.


What sets us apart from other organizations is that:

·         We meet people where they are at,

·         We provide a comprehensive breadth of services, and…

·         We offer people an invitation for spiritual transformation and redemption.