Bells Rang Around Town!

Joe Vlock, (far right) inspires students from Bryan Middle School to give back to the community.

Ever wonder who rings bells for the Omaha Salvation Army? Every year, The Salvation Army sets up kettles, and bell ringers stand by the kettles ringing out the good news of hope. This year was no different. Here are a few of our outstanding bell ringers.

For nearly 25 years, Joe Vlock has organized a day of bell ringing for his South Omaha Optimist Club. He has encouraged the participation of young people in south Omaha and goes to area schools and promotes bell ringing as a way students can meet their community service requirements.

In addition to the south Omaha students, Joe has also gotten his office co-workers at New York Life Insurance Company involved. He says that volunteering is a wonderful family activity and sets a good example of giving back to the community.

Bobby, Henry and Avery enjoyed the spirit of ringing bells.

Since the first year, the number of locations and number of bell ringers has grown. Joe and his dedicated group of bell ringers, including students from Bryan Middle School and Indian Hills Elementary, joined together on December 14 and rang from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at nine locations in the Omaha metro area.

On the coldest day of the year when temperatures were below zero in Omaha, members of the Omaha North Rotary rang bells at Walmart on 99th Street and Blair Road. It was a cold job, but their enthusiasm warmed the hearts of shoppers who gave to the kettle as they entered and exited the store.

The Kettle Klub Cabinet and Advisory Board members with their families volunteered at various times and locations throughout the city. Proving again, just as Joe Vlock said, that bell ringing is a wonderful family activity!

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