Help is given to those who need it. That’s what we do, day in and day out. This means that veterans who struggle with homelessness or mental illness get help through our VA programs. Victims of human trafficking and prostitution can find refuge at Wellspring. Seniors can find companionship at the Dora Bingel Senior Center and subsidized housing at the Charles and Margre Durham Booth Manor. Children have a safe and productive place to go after school at The Salvation Army North Corps Worship and Community Center. We help anyone, and we’re constantly looking for ways to help more by “Doing the Most Good” for those in need.

We go wherever help is needed. Our eyes are always open and our maps unfolded, ready to assist where we can. In addition to serving tens of thousands of people throughout the Omaha metro area, The Salvation Army devoted time and resources to Nebraska’s Pilger community after the violent June 2014 tornado devastated the community. One of the many ways we pitched in was by hosting Pizza for Pilger, a fundraiser benefiting The Salvation Army’s Pilger disaster relief fund. Customers could purchase a special pizza at one of Omaha’s 20-plus pizza restaurants, and 100 percent of the cost went directly to aid Pilger residents with food and rebuilding. The outcome: Over $80,000 was raised in one day. Despite the miles, we go the distance to deliver aid, support and peace of mind.

The need for help doesn’t end when the sun goes down or when winter melts away. We work to make sure it is available whenever someone asks for it. For example, Winter Night Watch distributes warm food and clothing to as many as 400 people a night during the cold Midwestern months. Fans distributed at The Salvation Army Burrows Center for Help and Hope keep seniors and others in need cool when temperatures rise. And when disaster strikes, our Emergency Disaster Services delivers aid at any time of day or night, whether it is a house fire, tornado, gas explosion, flooding or other serious incident. Time isn’t often on our side, but we promise we’ll always be on yours.

Crisis has no notion of time, no concept of place. It can put anyone in the dark – physically, mentally or spiritually. The breadth and depth of The Salvation Army’s programs reach far, but we know our mission is never complete. With support from our generous donors and dedicated volunteers, we continue to push forward, finding new ways to give more to anyone, anywhere, anytime.